With the beginning of a new year, and tax season right around the corner, there is no better time to consider how to put your tax refund to work for you! To help you gain a clearer picture of your finances, our free MoneyCentral tool allows you to consolidate all debt and other accounts into one easy-to-access location.

Let’s be honest. No one likes taxes. No one thinks they’re fun, and no one wants to think about them more than necessary. There is one perk to tax season, though: your tax refund (if you’re getting one)! If you’re like many others, you probably have a plan for your refund already. Maybe you’re putting it aside to buy new furniture. Maybe it’s going toward that vacation you’ve always wanted, or a new gaming system for your children.

Before you go spending money that you don’t have, take a second to consider the state of your finances. Getting a clearer idea of your needs before you spend your refund will help you more in the long run than that shiny new phone. MoneyCentral can help give you a full picture. How? MoneyCentral’s power comes from the ability to consolidate all your debts and accounts into one place.

Which is more beneficial for you: paying off your credit card debt, or starting an emergency fund? MoneyCentral can help you decide because you’ll have all the information you need to make a decision (interest rates, bills, etc). Maybe you should be starting an emergency fund. Your tax refund would be a great stepping stone toward meeting this goal. Or, maybe it would be more helpful to your financial future to invest your tax refund into an IRA account. Whatever your goals are, MoneyCentral can help you set and attain them.

For more information about MoneyCentral, check out our frequently asked questions page. Or, if you want to log in now, you can do so by going to your online banking account and clicking on the MoneyCentral tab. Remember, the first step toward accomplishing any goal is setting it!

Your personal finances are unique to you. Please consult your tax advisor or investment manager if you have questions regarding your refund.

Gain Financial Strength This Tax Season
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