We all know someone who’s hard to shop for. It might be because they have specific tastes or because they have everything they want, but it leaves you wondering what to buy them for the holidays. While prepaid gift cards can get a bad rap as being impersonal, they’re actually the perfect solution. Gift cards are actually the number one most wanted holiday gift (and have been for a decade) according to a survey by WalletHub, so we shouldn’t feel bad about gifting them.

Avoid searching for weeks for that “perfect” gift, don’t let the holiday crowds stress you out, and simply pick up a gift card at your local Central National Bank branch location.

We offer Visa Gift Cards, which come with a variety of advantages. You can buy them in any amount between $10 and $1000, and can even request to customize them. If you’re ordering a bulk order of 25 or more, you can add a name or special message to the cards, too.

Once you register your card, it can be used anywhere that a Visa debit card can, in-person or online. That hard-to-shop-for friend can use it to buy a gift of their choice, guaranteeing they’ll end up with something they love. They can also access their balance, account information and transaction history online, just as they would with a debit or credit card.

However, unlike a debit or credit card, if their gift card is stolen, their identity and credit history will remain secure. This is especially great if someone is going to be traveling since scammers often target tourists. It’s also more secure than giving cash, especially if you’re going to send it through the mail. Sending any kind of money through the mail always carries some risk, but with a Visa Gift Card, you can report it stolen (if you’ve registered it) and have it replaced for a $5 fee. With cash, you’re just out of luck.

These advantages make our Visa gift card a secure, versatile gift that’s great for everyone. You probably have enough to stress this holiday season, so don’t get stuck on the idea that you have to find the “perfect” gift for the people you love. If you can’t think of something, a gift card is a wonderful gesture that allows the recipient to choose their perfect gift.

If you have any questions about the Central National Bank Visa Gift Card, you can check out the frequently asked questions at https://centralnational.com/personal/giftcards.asp, or give your local branch a call, and they’d be happy to assist you!

The Best Holiday Gift for Everyone
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