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If you’re a native to the Midwest you’re no stranger to our unpredictable weather. One day it can be sunny and eighty degrees and the next day it’ll be twenty and snowing. You’ve probably heard a tornado siren or two and you might even have stood on your front porch to watch for it. But, are you properly prepared if that tornado changed directions and headed for your home?

In the wake of disaster will you remember how many pairs of shoes were in your closet?  Can you imagine trying to make a list of all of your belongings following a traumatic event?

A home inventory is a detailed list of your personal property with pictures and descriptions; this makes the process of replacing these items much simpler. A home inventory can be as simple as making a list on a sheet of notebook paper and storing off premises.  The important part would be keeping the list up to date with current purchases.  You can find free home inventory instructions online with a simple Google search. But we like Farmers Alliance’s partner: https://www.myhomeworks.com/MHW/Security/LogIn.aspx or https://knowyourstuff.org/. Know Your Stuff is a completely free service brought to you by the Insurance Information Institute. It allows you to set up an account and upload pictures of your belongings. They also have a cool app. Both services can help you track your belongings and also export a list of your belongings to help you quickly file an insurance claim.

Like most people, you probably have more stuff than you know what to do with let alone remember it all if you are in a disaster. A home inventory may seem tedious, but it can save you time and money on top of having peace of mind that you’re not forgetting anything important. Start today and you’ll thank yourself later.

Update: Central National Bank no longer offers Insurance services from an in-house agency, but you still have access to an agent in many of our locations. We’d be happy to refer you to an agent who can provide assistance. Call your local branch and ask, today!

Do you Have a Home Inventory?

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