Summer is a great opportunity for families to spend some extra time together while the kids are out of school. If you’ve already heard the dreaded “I’m bored” come out of your child’s mouth, or if you are expecting it any day now, check out these fun ideas below for how to keep yourself sane and your children entertained this summer.

1.Water Balloon Piñatas: An excellent outdoor game for kids on those hot summer days! All you need are some water balloons, string or rope, a bat (something to swing with) and of course water.

2. Make Your Own Bubbles: Kids, adults, and animals of all ages love bubbles and making them at home is as simple as 3 ingredients! In a bowl mix 1 cup of water, 4 tablespoons of dish soap and 1 tablespoon of corn syrup or glycerin. That’s it! For really BIG bubbles you can purchase large bubble wands from the dollar store or use a wire coat hanger that’s been reshaped into a circle.

3. Flip Flop Wreath: Give your home that summer vibe with a homemade flip flop wreath using items from your local dollar store. You will need brightly colored flip flops, a thin piece of wood/ cardboard, fake flowers (your preference on the quantity), hot glue, paint, and a hook or string to hang with.

4. Pool Noodle Sprinkler: Public pools can be overly crowded and pricy to visit multiple times a week. Using a pool noodle is an affordable and simple way for your little ones to enjoy summer at home. All you will need is a pool noodle, scissors, duct tape, a hose, and a skewer.

Start by cutting off one end of the pool noodle, and then cut that into 4 smaller pieces. Insert 2 of those pieces into one end of the noodle using duct tape to tape the end closed. Insert your water hose into the other end of the pool noodle and squish the 2 remaining foam pieces around the hose to seal it up. Then, duct tape it all to hold it together. Last grab a skewer and poke holes evenly along the side of the pool noodle. Turn on the water and watch your kiddos have a blast.

Summer is a time to relax but that can be easier said than done. These cheap and easy ideas will keep your kids from bouncing off the walls with boredom this summer. If all else fails…just have a no talking contest and pay the winner a nice little deposit into their CSAS savings account.

Beat Summer Boredom

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