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Did you know you’re supposed to endorse a check differently if you’re depositing it via a mobile device as compared to handing it to a banker in person?

Yes, it’s true.

How do I endorse the check correctly?

It’s easy. Sign the check like you would for a regular deposit and then write “For mobile deposit only” directly underneath your signature. Also, be sure that if the check is made out to two people that the second person has also signed the check. All payees listed on the check must be owners of the account the check is being deposited to.

What’s the deal?

The purpose of requiring a special endorsement on mobile deposit checks is to prevent them from being accidentally, or intentionally, deposited multiple times. Banks have checks and balances in place to review these deposits, and you don’t want to accidentally deposit a check twice, see an inflated balance in your account, and then have the error caught and reversed after you’ve spent the money, leaving you with a negative balance. It saves you the headache of trying to sort out a mess later on.

Other tips for mobile deposit success:

  • Be sure your camera is clean so the check image comes in clearly. A blurry photo can result in a rejected deposit.
  • Make sure the amount matches at the time of the deposit and be sure to call your bank promptly if you notice an error.
  • File your check somewhere safe for at least seven business days and ensure that it posts correctly to your account. Don’t take a picture of it and toss it immediately into the paper shredder. If the payment is rejected for some reason you’ll need the physical check to look into the reasons, or possibly attempt the deposit again.
  • Keep an eye on your email, as we may reach out through a secure online banking message to inform you if there was any problem with the endorsement, or if there will be any delayed availability of the funds.

Questions? Give us a call at 1-888-262-5456.

For Mobile Deposit Only
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