For most of us, spending time at home is our favorite thing to do. However, we know that binge watching movies and TV can get old, real fast. So, here are some ways to spend your time while quarantined!

  1. Complete a puzzle. There are plenty of styles and sizes you can try! This gets you away from the screen and lets you get creative!
  2. Read a book! Whether you like e-readers or real books, get a book you haven’t have the time to read and start turning those pages! It is a sure-fire way to pass time!
  3. Start spring cleaning. Do little tasks daily to help clean your home, this not only gets rid of germs but also helps keep viruses and pathogens at bay! Don’t forget the ceiling fans and baseboards!
  4. Download a language app and teach yourself a foreign language!
  5. Take some time to play with your dog, cat, frog, snake, rat, cow, fish or any other animal you consider your pet! Spending some time playing ball or teaching them a new trick!
  6. Try a new recipe! Tasty from Buzzfeed, has a bunch of cool recipes that we’re dying to try and we know everyone has a Pinterest board full of recipes to try!
  7. Log onto YouTube and do an at home fitness routine!
  8. Create a scavenger hunt! Get the whole family involved, shut the screens off and have a good time! 
  9. Look at virtual museums! There are a bunch of different museums that have put virtual museums online to help combat the limited entertainment available!!
  10. Break out the paint and get creative! Let your inner Picasso out and make a masterpiece!  

Things to do while Quarantined
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