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Getting to the grocery store can be tricky these days, so we’ve put together a list of ways to help keep your groceries last longer. And aside from less waste, you’ll save money, so it’s a win-win! Keep reading for our tips.

  1. Put plastic on the tops of bananas to keep them from browning.
  2. Freeze extra fruit and veggies if you bought more than you can use before it expires! This way they do not go bad and there are plenty of ways to use frozen food!
  3. If you have nuts in the house and are low on milk, you can make nut milk! There are plenty of YouTube videos on how to do this and it is surprisingly easy!
  4. Wrap lettuce leaves in paper towel! This soaks up moisture and keeps it fresh!
  5. Put your bread in the fridge! This slows down the rate at which it goes bad!
  6. Overbought eggs? No problem! Crack them into a tray and freeze them until ready to use!
  7. Keep your fresh herbs in water!
  8. Using lemon or lime juice will keep other fruits from turning brown after they are sliced!
  9. Keep tomatoes out of the fridge before they are overripe! This prevents them from going bad!
  10. Don’t keep dairy in the door! The opening and closing of the doors changes the air temperature and can make the dairy spoil!
Ways to Keep your Food Fresh for Longer

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