In recent years, consumer use of the data and where it comes from has been a topic of discussion globally. As we become a more technologically driven society, data from our digital lives proliferates making data privacy more important than ever. So how do you keep your information safe? Here are a few of our tips to help you keep your personal data secure.

Use passwords…

The most straightforward way to protect anything done electronically is by using a password. It keeps people out and keeps personal information secured. That also means your password shouldn’t be anything obvious either. Avoid using things like your address, a maiden name, your phone number or other information that may be easily found or easy to figure out. Many mobile devices use finger scans or facial recognition in addition to a password to make your device as secure as possible. And if you use one these alternatives, that’s great! Just make sure you are using something to secure your device.

…But don’t save passwords

When you log into an app, are logging into online banking accounts, or creating an online profile like Facebook, you might be asked about saving your password to the device. Even if you have a hard time remembering passwords, you shouldn’t save the password. That password is being saved to your device and if it is ever hacked into, that information is readily available to the hacker.

Beware of public Wi-Fi

When sitting in a coffee shop, Wi-Fi seems like a convenience, but public Wi-Fi has its dangers. Because it is a publicly accessible server, it may contain a virus or other harmful programs. While some devices have better antivirus software than others, if you use a device, especially a laptop, and connect it to public internet, make sure you run a test for viruses after you leave.

Shop online where you know

This shouldn’t be too difficult to accomplish. Only shopping at companies you’re familiar with can not only help avoid getting scammed, but it could help you avoid getting your payment information stolen. However, don’t let this discourage you from checking out new stores. Unfamiliar doesn’t mean it’s bad, it just means some additional homework is needed, for example, you could vet the new vendor by checking out their reviews.

Be wary of what you post

Social media has allowed us to stay connected to each other anywhere, anytime. This can be great for connecting with long-lost friends, or staying in touch with family, but it does have drawbacks. The biggest is that you have to remember that everything you post is seen by the public. Make sure you have your privacy settings so only your friends are allowed to see what you are posting. By tightening up your privacy settings, you can also limit the amount of information available to the general public on your profile.

Look over your device privacy settings

While setting your privacy settings in an app is beneficial to keeping information private, you can also check the privacy setting on your devices too. Many devices have detailed privacy sections you can access through the settings app. Under privacy settings you are able to review your device’s location service settings, see which apps you have granted access to certain information, and edit which apps have access to that information and more.

Data comes in many forms and has many purposes. That means it is very important that you do what you can to keep your information secured and protected. Make sure your device has a good antivirus software and that your passwords aren’t too basic. It may sound overwhelming, but as long as you take action now, you could save yourself a headache later.

6 Data Privacy Tips
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