As anyone who’s gone out with a large group of friends knows, sometimes it’s not easy to split the bill. Not only does it inconvenience your server, it also takes longer, and there can even be extra fees involved. Or, if you’re going to a ticketed event and you all want to sit together then usually one person is footing the bill and relying on everyone else to pay them back.


In an age where carrying cash and writing checks is becoming increasingly uncommon, person-to-person electronic payments have become the fastest and easiest way to send money to friends or family members. Want to give money to your niece for her birthday, but don’t want to send money through the mail? With our Pay a Person feature, it’s easy!

Generally, person-to-person payments means downloading a third-party app, but this just means another password to remember and another entity you’re entrusting with your bank account information.

Did you know, you can make person-to-person electronic payments right in your Central Online Banking account?

It’s fast, secure and you don’t need to download anything additional in order to utilize it. Are you going to dinner with your girlfriends and the restaurant can’t split the check? Log in to the Central National Bank app and send a text to the friend paying the bill, while you’re still sitting at the table with her. Is your buddy buying concert tickets for a group? Send them an email and pay for your tickets the moment they purchase them.



Have you ever paid someone using your phone?

Yes! It’s easy and convenient.
Yes, but I wouldn’t do it again.
No, but I’d like to try.
No! I don’t like that idea.
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Bill Pay’s Pay a Person feature requires a quick and easy one-time setup between you and the person you’re paying. After that, payments become as easy as clicking a few buttons. Want to learn how to get started with person-to-person payments today? Our step-by-step instructions will walk you through the process.

Want to know more about Pay a Person? Check out our blog, Make Paying Your Friends Back Easier for more information.

Why You Should Use Our Person to Person Payment Feature

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