You’ve probably heard that signing up for e-statements is a great way to go green. No one knows exactly how many trees are saved each year by getting paperless banking statements, although one guy did the math to estimate it – you can check it out on the blog, “How many trees are really saved through paperless statements.” Spoiler alert: it’s a pretty impressive number. But if conjecture’s not your thing, here are a few cold, hard facts about why you should go paperless.

1) Declutter your life

Okay, so going paperless probably won’t declutter your whole life, but it will certainly help clean out your junk mail pile. This is helpful because it’s easy to miss an important statement if it’s hidden among the take-out coupons and credit card offers you don’t want. With e-statements, we’ll send you an email when your latest statement is ready for viewing so you know you’re not missing one.

2) No more waiting

Get what you need, when you need it. In today’s fast-paced world, you don’t have time to sit and wait for your latest bank statement to arrive in the mail. With e-statements, you’ll be alerted the minute it’s available for viewing instead of having to wait for it to come through the post, which could take a couple days (or longer if it’s a busy time).

3) Access at your convenience

Once we’ve alerted you that your e-statement is ready, you can view it at your convenience whenever and wherever you want. From there you can save it to your computer or print out a hard copy. You can even arrange to have additional recipients so multiple family members can receive the statements directly in their inbox.

4) Enhanced security

There’s always the possibility that a paper statement can be lost or stolen in the mail while it’s on its way to your home. Additionally, unless you shred your documents, your information is still at risk once you throw it away. With e-statements, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that only authorized people are viewing your finances.

5) Go Green

Whether or not going paperless saves as many trees as the link above claims, it definitely has a positive environmental impact. Help save trees, lower chemical usage and reduce your carbon footprint just by going paperless. Yes, it’s good to recycle, but it’s even better to not use that paper in the first place!

With so many advantages to you and the environment, e-statements are a win-win situation. Consider signing up for them anytime you have the option to (for instance, at your banks, with your utilities, etc.) Here at Central National Bank, you can go to our webpage,, for detailed directions on how to sign up for e-statements. It’ll only take you a minute to start reaping all the benefits we’ve mentioned above.

The Benefits of E-Statements
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