So ever since I read a “Green” issue of a favorite magazine I’ve been trying to be conscious about what I could be doing to help the Earth. I know I take a lot of things for granted but after reading about how many forests are cut down to make toilet paper I was depressed! It seems like everything I do thru the day has a harmful side effect on the world, so what is one to do who wants to help?

At first I started freaking out thinking I’m going to walk everywhere and never buy a piece of plastic again. That lasted all of five minutes before I decided I needed to drive to the store for some sandwich baggies because I was fresh out. L Hmmm this was going to be tougher than I thought.

Made a quick note to self: Self- be more realistic and change small things constantly until your lifestyle changes.

My change for this week is to get some bills and my bank statements e-mailed to me (uses less paper), and make a recycle pile for my junk mail. I’ve only been collecting my junk mail for a few days and have already filled a shoebox!

Plus almost anything I can think of has a recycled version. Its nuts, I’m a knitter and there is even recycled yarn, or bamboo yarn that is made from a renewable source. I had no idea that the acrylic yarn I was using to make mittens is more from an oil Derek than a Ewe! I encourage you to change something small and make yourself a little greener! The World appreciates our efforts!

It’s not easy being green…

One thought on “It’s not easy being green…

  • August 6, 2007 at 11:48 am

    I couldn”t agree more with this article! In my home we are in the process of converting our regular light bulbs to the “spiral or spring-lamp” bulbs. They are energy efficient in that they use a much smaller amount of wattage but emulate like a 60 or 75 watt regular bulb. They do cost more but they have a much longer life and save tons of energy! Did you know that if each household in America changed just ONE regular bulb to an energy saver bulb, over one billion watts would be saved nationwide each time it was used?!?!?!?
    Go to to find out where and how to buy the bulbs that you need for your home. They even offer a calculator to help you figure out how much savings you”ll get with each bulb replacement in your home!
    My family & I love being “green”!


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