Gas Saving Tips

As of today (June 5, 2008), the average cost of gas in Kansas is $3.85/gallon and the national average gas price is more than $3.96/gallon!  Here are a few tips to help improve your mpg so you will not have to take out a loan next time you need to fill up.


Maintenance – Your vehicle manual should have a maintenance schedule.  Read over it and try to follow it regularly.  A maintained car is an efficient car.


Give it Air – Fuel economy can increase by almost 5% if you keep your tires inflated to the recommended pressure.


Take Your Time – Let’s be honest; who doesn’t go over the speed limit every now and then?  Speeding takes a hit on your fuel efficiency.  Try to slow down and enjoy the drive, by doing so you will also enjoy filling up less often.


Get Off My Back – Don’t tailgate! Lengthen the room between your car and the one in front of you.  This will allow you to brake less and coast more.


Cool Off – Try rolling down your windows when traveling at low speeds.  If you are going over 50 miles per hour, it is more cost-effective to turn on the AC.


Lighten Up – Get rid of any extra junk in your trunk.  If you don’t need it, why pay to drive it around?


Buy Smart – Look for cars that good gas mileage. With gas almost $4/gallon, the extra price of a hybrid is almost offset by the amount you will save at the pump.  Also, they are better for the environment.


If you have any further tips that would be beneficial for everyone, please share in the comments section below.

More Green Tips

In one of the first blogs I wrote for this site I talked about simple ways to be more green. One way was collecting junk mail and taking it to recycle. This is much better than letting this unsolicited paper mail fill our landfills. On the Today Show this morning on NBC they featured a Website that’s message is let’s stop the catalogs from ever getting to our Mailbox. This site takes your name and address and you can select what catalogs you would like to stop receiving. If you are like me you bought one thing, one time on the internet, and now you get catalogs from that store a couple times a month. I don’t want my one time bargain to be hurting the earth so I’ve already signed up and cancelled two catalogs!! You do have to register on the site but they do not share your information with spammers. It also helps to have the magazines or catalogs with you when you opt out of getting them. Please go take a look at the site and if you thinks its helpful use their invite link to send the website to all your friends. Let’s save some Trees!!

Get Some Green by Going Green

With all of the talk about “Going Green” lately, it’s time to remind people of any easy way they can help the environment; E-Statements.  Here are a few of the numerous E-Statement benefits…

o FAST – You’ll receive your E-Statement two or three days earlier than you normally receive your paper statement.
o EASY – A monthly e-mail lets you know your new statement is available online, and you can access it from anywhere. You’ll have up to 12 months of statement history to print or file anytime.
o SECURE – You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your statements are delivered to you securely via e-mail and encrypted for your protection.
o ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Receiving your bank statement via e-mail reduces the usage of natural resources. You will no longer receive a paper statement, so you can easily store your E-Statement to a file on your hard drive.

Not only will you save trees, you’ll earn money as well.  If you sign up to receive E-Statements on your Central National Bank checking, savings, or money market account between now and January 31st, CNB will deposit $10 into each account you enroll in.

• Take note that the $10 credits will be deposited to all of the customers’ accounts on the last day of the month (Dec. 31, and Jan. 31) – the deposits will not happen immediately upon enrollment.

Green Machine

On September 19th Central National Bank hosted its 5th Advisory Board Roundtable Forum.  The topic was “Going Green”.  Guest presenters were Sarah Hill-Nelson, secretary/treasurer of Bowersock Mill & Power Co. in Lawrence and a representative of The Bonneville Environmental Foundation out of Portland, Oregon as well as the director of Zephyr Energy of Lawrence and Scott Zaremba, president of Zarco Earth-Friendly-Fuels and Zarco 66 stores of Lawrence. 

Bowersock operates a Hydroelectric-power plant along the Kansas River in Lawrence and has been providing energy for Lawrence since the early 1900’s.  The Hill family has been involved in the plant for much of its rich history.  The Bonneville Environmental Foundation is focused on the reparation of damaged watersheds across the country and establishing new renewable energy generation.  Zephyr Energy is the local vehicle for buying green tags to offset you or your businesses energy usage and to support the use of renewable energy generation.

The Zaremba family has been in the fuel business in Lawrence for the past 40 years.  Scott Zaremba is in the process of opening the first retail Bio-fuels station in the state of Kansas at 9th & Iowa Street in Lawrence.  The station will be open later this fall and Scott informed us that many cars are already compatible to run on E-85 grade fuel.  A list of vehicles that are equipped for this use can be founds on the Zarco 66 web site (

Central National Bank of Lawrence is proud to announce that a three-year commitment to invest in green tags to offset 25% of the energy usage in its six Lawrence bank branch locations.  CNB is the first and only bank in Lawrence to make this commitment and we do this consistent with the mission of our bank, which is focused on “…making our customers and the communities we serve successful.”  An investment in renewable energy is an important investment in the future of Lawrence and the state of Kansas. 

Additionally, CNB is proud to be the financing source for Zarco Earth-Friendly-Fuels and their new Biofuel station in Lawrence.  The leadership and commitment by the Zaremba family in taking such an important step to begin to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and to make a positive impact on the environment is truly a landmark step in Kansas.

As Scott Zaremba stated in his presentation, “to create change one must take action.”  Central National Bank is very pleased to play a small role in supporting these great community leaders and helping promote issues that truly do make our community and customers successful.


Blog by Brad Chindamo

It’s not easy being green…

So ever since I read a “Green” issue of a favorite magazine I’ve been trying to be conscious about what I could be doing to help the Earth. I know I take a lot of things for granted but after reading about how many forests are cut down to make toilet paper I was depressed! It seems like everything I do thru the day has a harmful side effect on the world, so what is one to do who wants to help?

At first I started freaking out thinking I’m going to walk everywhere and never buy a piece of plastic again. That lasted all of five minutes before I decided I needed to drive to the store for some sandwich baggies because I was fresh out. L Hmmm this was going to be tougher than I thought.

Made a quick note to self: Self- be more realistic and change small things constantly until your lifestyle changes.

My change for this week is to get some bills and my bank statements e-mailed to me (uses less paper), and make a recycle pile for my junk mail. I’ve only been collecting my junk mail for a few days and have already filled a shoebox!

Plus almost anything I can think of has a recycled version. Its nuts, I’m a knitter and there is even recycled yarn, or bamboo yarn that is made from a renewable source. I had no idea that the acrylic yarn I was using to make mittens is more from an oil Derek than a Ewe! I encourage you to change something small and make yourself a little greener! The World appreciates our efforts! J  

Check out this link but make sure you are sitting down!