As your current or future bank, we want to let you in on some insider tips and tricks to save you money so you can go on that dream vacation or purchase something you’ve been wanting forever. Here are 10 easy ways to save money without making any major life changes.

10. Be Careful Using Credit Cards
Credit cards can feel like free money, but overuse the card limit and you’ll never want to use one again. Overusing a credit card can be dangerous and expensive. The interest rate on a credit card is usually much higher than other forms of debt and can add up quickly. While you can rack up points or rewards by using a credit card, you should be mindful of your usage. Try to pay off credit card balances as quick as possible and make sure you budget for those expenses.

9. Try Some D-I-Y’s!
Do-it-yourself projects not only make you more skilled with tools, they can really help you save money. And who knows, you might uncover a new hobby or passion for using your hands! Instead of running up the electricity bill by watching TV when you’re bored, try your ‘green thumb’ in the garden or make a bookshelf out of recycled materials. If nothing else, it is a great way to develop some life skills. There’s no need call the plumber for every leaky pipe. Painting a room yourself is WAY cheaper than calling in the professionals. You can even fix furniture yourself instead of buying new!

8. Try to Buy Used When You Can
Not everyone is made of money so when in doubt thrift it out. If you’re not handy when it comes to fixing furniture, check out a consignment store for used or refurbished furniture before going out and spending a fortune on something new. The same goes for buying a car. You can get a used car that is still in great condition for much less than you can a new car. This is a great way to save effectively while also helping out the planet.

7. Proper Car Maintenance
Speaking of cars, simply taking your car in for routine maintenance could help avoid a breakdown, which can save you big time on a repair bill. Another way of saving money is by keeping your tires inflated. Did you know that when your tires fall below the recommended air pressure, your vehicle is using more energy to move? This means you’re burning more gas. Simply keeping your tires inflated can save you money over time. An additional way to save money with your vehicle is by getting a gas card which can have reward programs.

6. Rewards Programs
Reward cards are also great for saving money. This is especially true when you get one from the grocery store. Multiple stores have rewards programs that cost nothing to join and begin saving you money and send you coupons. Everybody eats, so getting a discount on food is a great way to save on essential spending. And, you will often see that your local grocers have partnered with a gas station to offer fuel discounts when you use your rewards card at check out. That same card may also save you money depending on what you buy at the store.

5. Bring Your Lunch to Work
USA Today conducted a survey in 2015 that said the average American spends $20 a week on lunch. That’s totals to $1,043 per year. A great way to save on cash is by bringing a sack lunch to work each day. Most workplaces have a fridge available to employees so it makes storage easy and you can keep things like frozen meals, yogurt or condiments there. It’s that easy!

4. Bargain Shopping
Keeping an eye out for weekly deals or for coupons to save quite a bit on your weekly grocery trips! Comparing prices is one of the simplest ways to save money. Not only does comparing store prices help you get the best deal, it also keeps you up-to-date on who is having a better sale. Both ways can save you big. Another good idea is stocking up on routine items when you find a deal, which can help you save in the long run.

3. Say Goodbye to Cable
With so many alternatives readily available, now may be time to say goodbye to cable television. And you don’t necessarily have to stream in order to watch TV; an antenna still works for most of the local channels! Streaming your shows can be a far cheaper alternative to cable.

2. Limit Your Subscriptions
There are subscriptions for everything these days, and you can limit costs by looking for bundle deals and comparing which subscriptions are right for you. This cuts down on the cost and provides you with endless shows and movies to stream. There are streaming services that are roughly $12 a month, which is an incredible cost in comparison to the average $154 for cable.  Nevertheless, cutting your monthly subscription services is a great way to save a few dollars every month.

1. Find Things to Do at Home
A night out is always fun, but here are some things you can do at home for little to no cost! For instance, invite friends over for the big game or a game night. Have a family movie night and build a fort or two! Go outside and star gaze! There are so many things you can do at home that are just as fun as spending a night on the town, so limit your nights out and you’ll be saving in no time.

Now that you have the tricks to save easy on cash, we can help you build interest with our savings account options. That is, if you don’t already have a savings account. Come on by and open an account today!
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10 Ways to Save Money

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