I admit it, I’m a shopper! I like browsing and if something catches my fancy browsing often turns to buying. I have clothes in my closet I will never wear and enough candles to light my house for the next year. I’m afraid to say Clothes, Purses, and Candles are my weaknesses!!


I have tried to tame my spending ways but trying to stop cold turkey just makes me want to spend even more! What’s a shopper to do?


So with the economy not looking so bright and the whole world telling me to save I had to come up with a plan of action. For the sake of getting to retire some day and my marriage! (How spenders end up marrying savers I’ll never know.)


First plan of attack was a budget. When I saw how much I was spending with help from the free website mint.com it shocked me into some reality. I exceeded my monthly shopping budget in the first week I used the site.


It helps to see it on paper and mint.com connects with my on-line banking and tells me right away were my cash is going. Then I try to stick to the budget so I save the same every month for my emergency fund.

My next little plan of action is what I am most excited to share. Second Hand shops! I am one of those shoppers that can’t resist a bargain and when I first discovered second hand shops I was in heaven! I like the ones that specialize in gently used name brand clothing. I have picked up shoes, tops, and dress pants, all with store tags still attached. And for some of those clothes I know I’m not wearing again I can sell them to the store or get store credit.


For furniture and home décor my new friend is craigslist.com and my old reliable friend is yard sales. A little imagination and a lot of determination you can change any space with limited funds. I also like the idea that I am saving things from the landfill and giving them a new home.


If you have more tips for shop-a-holics out there please leave them in the comment section. Times are tight and shoppers have to stick together!

Confessions of a Spender; Saving without Sacrificing

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