New Bill Pay Features Coming Soon!

We will be upgrading our Bill Pay service in late May (watch for more information soon!).  These upgrades will bring you a new, streamlined interface, better visibility of your payments, and several new features.  Here are some of these new features:

  • Person-to-Person Payments – pay a friend or family member securely and electronically via email.
  • Alerts – receive email and text alerts about your payments and account activity
  • eBills – receive and pay bills electronically through approved vendor web sites
  • Gift Payments – send gift checks or donations
Want to see more?  Check out these helpful overview videos.


Bill Pay is $6.00 per month for unlimited payments. If you have a Central Value or Central Premium Checking account Bill Pay is free all the time! *Terms vary depending on account type.

Safari Users in Online Banking

It has come to our attention that some Safari users have been experiencing intermittent problems while using Central Online Banking. The most common problem is that customers will try viewing their account history but will get an error message. While researching this, it was discovered that these issues began with the recent release of Safari version 5.1.4, and numerous other industries have also been impacted. Our online service provider has notified Apple, and they are working together to determine the necessary changes that will allow our customers to navigate our website seamlessly.

In the meantime, we recommend that customers try using a different browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, when using Central Online Banking. We hope that this problem can be resolved in a timely manner, and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

UPDATE (4/9/12): We have identified a temporary workaround that Safari users may use until the problem is permanently fixed.  Immediately after you log in, and before doing anything else, click the refresh button on your browser toolbar to reload the page.  Then, try going to the transactions page of an account.  You should now see the page contents and not the blank white page.

UPDATE (5/10/12): The latest version of Safari, 5.1.7, should fix this problem.  If you are still experiencing it, please update your browser.

Bank from your Phone!

mobile banking - girl with smartphone

Central National Bank is proud to introduce the latest product in our Online Banking Suite–Mobile Banking!  Mobile Banking lets you access your banking accounts directly from your phone or mobile device. Now you can take the bank with you wherever you go! 

Mobile Banking works on any mobile device with a data plan and an Internet browser.  If you’ve already been accessing Central Online Banking from your phone, now there’s no more scrolling from side-to-side and up-and-down to view our web page in your phone’s tiny web browser–Mobile Banking is optimized for small screens!

Using Mobile Banking, you can:

  • Check account balances, pay bills, or make funds transfers
  • View alerts that you’ve set up within Central Online Banking
  • Receive text message confirmations each time you pay a bill or make a transfer (this lets you know each time one of these actions is performed for security’s sake)
  • Look up Central National Bank branch locations and hours
  • Find a Central National Bank ATM near you

And best of all, Mobile Banking is simple, secure, and FREE!

For instructions on how to sign up for Mobile Banking, click here.

Once you’ve signed up, go to on your mobile device.

mobile banking - boy with smartphone

Online Bill Pay, One Stop Bill Payment

When I ask customers if they would like to try online bill pay some say they already pay their bills online, but they go through their providers’ websites. “Same thing right?”

Well not quite!  You are paying your bills online, but you are doing it the hard way.  Online bill pay from a bank gives you one stop shop to pay all your bills at the same time, instead of going to numerous websites to pay each bill individually. You enter in the name of the payee you want to pay, how much, and when.  Just log in and take care of everything all at once.

You can process payments online to anyone, even if they do not have their own online payment system set up. The payments are processed on whatever day you choose.  Some larger companies accept payments electronically aka ACH (Automated Clearing House) while others still require a check to be mailed.  Either way this is a fast, convenient way to pay your bills. Anyone with a mailbox can get a payment from online bill pay!

At Central National Bank you can test drive bill pay for up to six months to see if you like the convenience. So forget the stamps, envelopes, and going to several websites to pay your bills! 

Easy Auto Loans

Everyone knows how much easier (and sometimes a lot more complicated) life has become since the advent of the Internet.  This is obviously no exception to financial institutions, and they continue to make it easier and easier every day.

I have grown up with Online Banking.  Back before I had bills, all I needed to do was check my balance every once in a while.  When I started getting real bills, it was always difficult to convince myself to sit down and write out my checks and mail them off.  The ease of point-and-click Online Bill Pay solved that problem.

Now it’s time to get serious and purchase a new car.  Did you know that we can accept applications for auto, debt consolidation, personal, and even mortgages through the internet?  It’s quick – no need to write it out by hand and no need to mail it to the bank.  Most of the time you will receive response e-mail within 2 hours and can close the loan any time and at any branch that day!  Even though you are filling out a form, there is additional space for comments and questions, just as if you were sitting at your personal banker’s desk.  You can also fill out the application 24 hours a day making it convenient and fast.  Auto loan applications are accepted whether you are ready to purchase a vehicle today or if you are just getting started and want to know how much spending power you have.   Now there is no reason to put it off any longer!  To view more information, click here.

And as always there are lenders here to help both in the bank and on-line. 🙂

Two Simple Ways to Make Your Life Easier

Are you a Central Online Banking user?  Do you have a CNB Debit Card?  If so, here are two tips that will make your life easier when you use these products:

 Central Online Banking

Do you find it hard to remember the 12-digit user id that you’re given when you first sign up?  You may not realize it, but you CAN change this user id to something that is simpler to remember!  Simply sign into Central Online Banking, then click on Options.  You’ll see a field called “Personal ID”.  Type in what you want your new user id to be and click Submit.  Now, you can forget your old 12-digit user id and log in with the one that you just created!  Note that your password will remain the same.

 Central National Bank Debit Cards

We all know how important it is to keep your debit card’s PIN number in a safe, secure place (preferrably your brain!).  But you may have trouble remembering the PIN that you were originally issued.  Some people even write their PIN numbers on the back of their card to remember it (big no-no!).  Did you know that you can change your PIN number?  That’s right, simply visit one of Central National Bank’s 70+ ATMs across Kansas and change your PIN.  To do this, first swipe your card and then go to Other.  Next, go to Change Personal ID Number.  From this menu option, you can change your PIN to whatever you like!

We hope these two tips will help make your life a little easier!