Fraud Alert: Automated Telephone Calls

We’ve had several reports that customers are receiving automated telephone calls from a restricted number.  The call informs the customer that there has been fraud on their account, to continue press 4 (or another number). These are phishing calls designed to get customers to provide account information. Please do not provide account information if this happens. Contact your local branch with questions or concerns.

2 thoughts on “Fraud Alert: Automated Telephone Calls

  1. 05/24/2014; my debit card was stolen; I reported the incident to Baltimore Maryland Police Department on 05/25/2014. They will have a report available in about a week. I was also contacted by a Central National Bank representative on the same day indicating that they will close this debit card and it will not affect the spouse card. I am Curious if this call was valid or not.

    • We are looking into this and should be in touch. Please remember that it”s always acceptible to call your local branch immediately after receiving a call if you want to verify that the call is legitimate. Get the name of the person you spoke with as well as their location (if possible). When in doubt, don”t give out your account number, card number, or social security number over the phone.

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