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2 comments on “Great Auto Loan Rates!

  1. Jamie baber on said:

    I have bad credit, and I”m starting school next month. I also have two small children. I NEED A CAR BAD…. Any suggestions? Thanks

    • Amanda on said:

      Hi Jamie,
      Unfortunately I don”t think we have a “quick-fix” answer for you – and it sounds like you”re in need of one. The first step would be to improve your credit. I don”t know if you”re aware, but we have a checking account that is set up specifically for people in your situation. Check out the details on our website

      Of course, you”re welcome to apply for our auto loan, but I know that probably seems pointless to you if you”re already aware of a bad credit situation. Your best bet might be to visit with one of our representatives that way you can provide more information without posting your personal information on our public blog. Nothing wrong with what you”ve posted already, but we don”t encourage anyone to post specific financial information in cyberspace. Thanks for seeking us out! To speak to a representative you can visit a branch near you, or call our toll-free number at 1-888-262-5456.

      Hope you are able to find a solution. Good luck with school! Thanks!

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