Safari Users in Online Banking

It has come to our attention that some Safari users have been experiencing intermittent problems while using Central Online Banking. The most common problem is that customers will try viewing their account history but will get an error message. While researching this, it was discovered that these issues began with the recent release of Safari version 5.1.4, and numerous other industries have also been impacted. Our online service provider has notified Apple, and they are working together to determine the necessary changes that will allow our customers to navigate our website seamlessly.

In the meantime, we recommend that customers try using a different browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, when using Central Online Banking. We hope that this problem can be resolved in a timely manner, and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

UPDATE (4/9/12): We have identified a temporary workaround that Safari users may use until the problem is permanently fixed.  Immediately after you log in, and before doing anything else, click the refresh button on your browser toolbar to reload the page.  Then, try going to the transactions page of an account.  You should now see the page contents and not the blank white page.

UPDATE (5/10/12): The latest version of Safari, 5.1.7, should fix this problem.  If you are still experiencing it, please update your browser.

9 thoughts on “Safari Users in Online Banking

  1. It”s just really unfortunate to not be able to view my account while being deployed. This is really troublesome since this really effects me knowing what I”m being payed out here in Afghanistan, and really killing the timeline of the possibilities of me paying bills on time. I hope apple and central national bank can work out an agreement as soon as possible.

    • Hi John, we”re so sorry to inconvenience you. We”re still working on the solution, but in the meantime we”ll be in touch via email to see if we can offer you any additional assistance. Thanks for the feedback – we understand your frustration.

  2. Safari users: check out the edited post above. It now provides a workaround that has proven successful for several users.

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